Chapter 23… Roving

There is something appropriate about the title of the chapter I’m releasing today. Like Sookie, I feel I have been roving. It has been two weeks in my new home. Two weeks of light construction and changing paint. This past week has been a story of runs to the flooring store and meeting new contractors. I’ve pulled carpet, yanked tacks, ordered furniture only to return it. I’ve painted and repainted, replaced electrical plates and scoured internet tag sales for lighting fixtures and odd pieces.

Of course, in between, I’ve gone back to work, resumed chauffeur services, picked up my farm share and met friends. Real life, sandwiched in.

It didn’t all go well. I injured my back last week and had to endure a patronizing doctor who looked down his nose at any woman over fifty who didn’t have the good sense and common decency to roll over and die, as she should. He’s not my doctor anymore.

But now, I’m on the mend, and for the first time in over two weeks, I am sitting at my table, in my chair that is placed in the usual place, my laptop positioned where I can look out my sliding doors to sun-dappled trees and wonderful summer leaves, and I can report, with relief, that I am finally able to write again, the story picking up (ten chapters ahead of this one), with a trip, meeting old friends, and the realization that it’s time to open one’s heart fully, letting old worries go.

But, that’s not quite where our couple is today. Today, our heroes are finding adventure on the road, and in the process, finding each other.

Thank you, Ms Buffy, for your patience, and kind inquiries. I know this time of year is taxing on you, but Fall is just around the bend.

And thank you, my readers. I hope this latest turn in the story meets your approval.

~ Natsgirl

Chapter 23 – Roving


2 thoughts on “Chapter 23… Roving

  1. Glad to hear your recovering well. Doctors can be such weenies sometimes. I had to find one that didn’t verbally smack me upside my head every time I had a horseback riding related injury. I just need them to fix me so I can go hurt myself again! Lol.


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