Chapter 35 – So We Dance

It seemed appropriate to title this chapter for the back and forth our couple experiences. They find both the highest heights, and the lowest depths. For one, there is the reminder that life can be fragile, and that sometimes the thing you need most is the one you most fear.

Thank you, Ms Buffy. I hope these cool, damp, Fall days aren’t bothering you too much. I find I am most grateful for a day of rain. It will keep me inside, cleaning my house and working on my first floor stairs, in preparation for tiling the front hall. (One job, two job, red job blue job.)

My best to my readers. I hope your weekend is wonderful and that this taste of rain is a prelude to several more weeks of wonderful warm days and delicious crisp nights.

Chapter 35  – So We Dance


Something Comes

Welcome from the land of brilliant leaves and unpredictable temperatures. There is something about Fall in New England. Yesterday I woke to frost and by afternoon, it was back in the 80’s. The maples are just starting to fade, their oranges and yellows and bright reds looking a bit tattered. The ashes and birches are already bare, and the mighty oaks are just starting their transformation. I spent my day tramping through forest, looking for markers, checking compass, triangulating with measuring tapes. It was Geek Paradise. Chipmunks mocked me and the sun on my shoulder was glorious.

Now, I sit, sipping coffee: tired, sore and satisfied. I will walk a few more miles, working the kinks out. I will do the mundane chores of real life, like groceries, and the unusual chores of new home-ownership, like pulling staples from my stairs as I ready them for stain.

And I will write of Sookie and Eric, and the joy that comes in finding your one.

Best to everyone, and thank you to Ms Buffy, whose sure hand smooths my rougher writing edges. Your sure ear and sharp eye rearranges words to lyrics. Thank you, my friend.

Chapter 35 – Something Wicked


Chapter 33 – Night Dawns

I am returning from a weekend of tramping in woods. I’ve become mildly addicted to my Fitbit, reveling as I logged in my miles over the past two days. Tramping around Boy Scout camp is a joy for me. I enjoy the time outside, the solitude and then, the happy faces of young people and their parents as they experience the simple joys of tasks accomplished, campfires and friendship.

My travels are simple for the rest of this year. Scotland in late November (a drinking holiday), but then, there is the Kerry Circle in May. That’s reason for training. 126 miles of up and down; lakes and seaside.

What a wonderful life this is!

Chapter 33 – Night Dawns


Marriages, both Fae and Not…


One of the joys of writing these stories is the opportunity to explore marriage. In this story, I get to write about traditions, but I also get to explore the mental discussion one has when the wedding is not your first. It’s inevitable, the comparisons, either quickly dismissed or painfully examined. In this instance, it is a vampire who is cast in role of ‘second time around.’ He has been married, or pledged, once as vampire, but he married as a human before, and the memories begin to crowd him.

It takes a certain kind of courage to know what can go wrong, but to bravely step forward again. I watch women my age, several of them in fact, launching into new marriages. Each of them has the scars and power that come from surviving, and yet, they are willing to forget and forgive, tying their lives with legal bonds, to the fate of another. I applaud their optimism.

Eric’s reaction, as we’ll see, won’t be quite so rosy, but it will lead to a crisis that allows him to become the man he should be.

My best to all of you, and especially to my wonderful, talented editor, Ms Buffy. Meeting you last week was a special treat, and one I hope to repeat. Safe travels on your migration to Maine.

Chapter 32 – The Treadle Step

Best of mornings, and Happy Fall

It’s a beautiful day here in sunny Connecticut. The leaves are just starting to gain their pretty dresses. Not the case yesterday when I was up in Kent, trying to get some of my trail maintenance done. It was forecast as cloudy, and pouring rain! I love the change of seasons. This time of year is a time of making for me. Mead, new recipes, long hikes. It has slowed my indoor time, though, and I realize I need to beat feet to get a few more chapters in the bank if I’m going to keep to the schedule!!

I hope you are all well, and I hope you enjoy the America arc of the story.

Chapter 31 – Greener Grass