Scotland bound….

Crows Come Home signals the next part of the story. Our couple is pledged, and though they fight, as newly-joined couples do, they have passed to the place where they no longer question being tied to each other. That doesn’t mean others are as accepting.

Fair notice – I leave for a holiday in Scotland in eighteen days, so the story will go on hiatus for a week or two. Unlike my walking holidays, this one is being called, “kilts and scotch, what could go wrong?’ I give no promises about the state of my brain cells on my return.

Thank you to all my readers, and thank you in particular to my wonderful editor and friend, Ms. Buffy.

Chapter 37 – Crows Come Home


10 thoughts on “Scotland bound….

  1. don’t know if you have read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series. They are in the process of filming season 4 in Scotland right now (based on the 4th book)…just in case you run into any of the film crew…hope you have a wonderful time.

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    1. Outlander? You bet! Reading the series now and have made it to Voyager so far. We are limited to Edinburgh this trip. Traveling with a friend from here and meeting another buddy who’s flying in from Germany. It’s Christmas market season and we hope to both historic sight see and find as many of the local whiskies as possible.


      1. I’m on my second read of the books. And the TV series on STARZ has Diana Gabaldon as consultant and they are doing a good job of bringing the books to life. Voyager is my favorite book in the series..hope you have a great time in Edinburgh..

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  2. Edinburgh is lovely — it’s where I got married, so I have fond memories of the place. Try the haggis, and if you fancy a walk while you’re there there’s always Arthur’s Seat. Have fun! 🙂

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    1. I can understand how it would have good memories for you! I suspect it will be chilly, and damp, but that goes with the territory. Haggis? Maybe. Arthur’s Seat? Already in my playbook as long as there’s no snow (which there shouldn’t be.). My traveling companion won’t be joining me. Her idea of camping is no room service, and hiking to the top of an extinct volcano? Decidedly not!! Fortunately, we have a friend joining us from Germany, and the two of them will find a lovely place for high tea while I tramp through the park.


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