Happy New Year and Welcome 2018!

For my friends on the other side of the globe, you’re there already… the beginning of a new year. For my friends in my hemisphere, the turn is approaching. I hope that this new year brings you all joy and those things you both wish and need.

My best to all of you, and in particular to Ms Buffy, whose work you see in ways both subtle and not, and to Gyllene, whose art graces these pages and our lives.

Happy New Year !

 Chapter 44 – Shadow Walking

Best of Mornings!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,  Good Solstice, and Happy Festivus!

To my wonderful editor, Ms Buffy, I hope tomorrow is a riot of papers and screaming grandchildren leading to a year free from loss and full of new adventures.

To my amazing artist, Gyllene, I hope tomorrow signals a start to a year where all your best dreams come true: strong business, healthy family and successful author.

To my readers, my thanks for the privilege of your time and, when moved, your commentary. Sharing this road with you has been a joy, and I am most grateful.

As you may have gathered, real life has been more than busy this past year. It has been another year of change. I own property again, a condominium which is bringing out all my old skills. Even now, I am twenty-four hours away from starting to lay black slate in my front hall. I have discovered the wonders of Facebook marketplace and how paint transforms a room. This will be the year I learn basic wiring, adding electricity to painter, paper hanger, tiler, roofer and basic carpentry.

This is also the year I started volunteering my time as a boundary monitor on the Appalachian Trail and then, there was that lost week in Edinburgh learning the correct way to appreciate whisky. It truly has been a wonderful year, full of friends, spending time with my sons, brewing mead, and parties; book clubs and, oh yes, work.

My time writing has become less, and I apologize for that. Holidays have been times I have an extra chapter to publish in celebration, but I am simply not ahead enough to publish and be confident I can maintain a weekly schedule. (I hate stories that go on long hiatus, don’t you? I so love to become involved, and then, when I can’t predict when I will be able to see what happens next, I fret!) I am finishing this story, bringing it to the conclusion that all fairy tales should have, and I have the outline for a sequel to Turnings.

Full Circle will revisit Rick, Sookie and Eric. Time has passed, and Rick has escaped the pressures of being the son of famous supernaturals by traveling to Europe. Sookie is also finding herself struggling with the pressure she feels to become a stereotypical vampire, (which, of course, she isn’t.) Full Circle explores how the strength of family can allow differences to become strengths.

Other plans for 2018? I’ll be off in May to hike the Kerry Circle in Ireland. 2019 is shaping up for a section of the Camino del Santiago. (Any takers?)

Well, back to eating Christmas cookies for breakfast. Isn’t being an adult the best?

 Chapter 42 – The Flicker of What’s Passed 

First Snow

Thank you for your patience. I’ve returned from my non-hiking vacation in Edinburgh refreshed and with an education on the art of drinking whiskey, which is how the Scots refer to what we call Scotch in the U.S.  No more blended for me! Single malt all the way, and I have a list of those I’ve tried, and those still awaiting discovery. For those who are interested, I’ve posted photos on my Facebook feed and will update my ‘About Natsgirl’ page here. Lovely holiday, and would like to return, preferably to Inverness. Plenty of distilleries and wild country there, but I’ll put it off a bit until the Outlander fever has subsided. Everywhere you went, the darling Scot’s likeness stared back, luring women to take the tour or buy the item.

It is an interesting time to be in the capital. It’s winter market season. During the week, it’s the occasional tourist, but weekends the sidewalks rival New York crowds. The city itself is amazing; low skyline and built almost entirely of grey stone. It’s a city where people live, and the neighborhoods and stores reflect that. It’s a walking city, and I’ve rarely seen one more friendly, at least during daylight hours. After ten, the streets belong to the teens and twenties, and the vibe changes.

But enough of tour guiding: Our story resumes with an Eric point of view. There is something that happens when you live with someone long enough; you meet them. That is what awaits Sookie in Butter’s Up.

Again, my thanks for your patience. Ms Buffy, I’ll be writing you later today. I thought of you a great deal over vacation. My thanks to you, and your amazing editing.

Chapter 40 – Butter Up