What’s Next?

Hard to believe that Baile Siochanta is winding down to its end. I received a notification letting me know that this particular story has been underway for almost a year, and it surprised me. I have become very fond of this version of the vampire and his lady, but I am excited to announce there’s a new story around the corner.

The amazing Harlow Layne (aka Gyllene) has graciously gifted me with her talent and vision, and I’m happy to unveil the banner for my next tale, ‘Full Circle,’

Full Circle is a sequel to Turnings.  The story picks two years after Fran’s death. The passing of their dear friend and mentor has an impact on both Rick and Sookie. For Sookie, it removes the final safety net she had between her human and vampire lives. For Rick, it triggers a need to break with the growing demands of being the famous son of famous people.

Full Circle discovers how in the end, simple things are the most important.

Don’t worry.  Still a few chapters of Baile Siochanta to go!

Have a great week.


When all hope is lost…

There is a phrase in ‘Persuasion, my favorite of Jane Austen’s novels, in which the heroine, tells her friend that the she considers it a woman’s gift to love longest, when all hope is lost. That phrase has played through my mind as I’ve written this modern-day fairy tale. Like Grimm’s Rapunzel and Swan Princess, Sookie has held out hope. She asks each stranger and those who pass through her life, ‘Have you seen him?’ ‘Do you know the way back?’

As Baile Siochanta winds to its conclusion, it is hope that write of, the hope that lovers fated can realize their happy endings.

Thank you, Ms Buffy! I am so pleased that you have found the love of your life and that you have such happiness together.

To Gyllene/Harlow Lane, all my best!

Chapter 51 – Paradise Lost

And They Shall See…

We had a flash snowstorm that dropped several inches overnight. It’s that slightly damp, fluffy snow that makes you wonder if Spring has decided to take a look around. The branches of the forest trees on the other side of my sliding doors are just starting to shed their snowy layer as the pinks and golds of sunrise clothe their upper branches. It is a time of holding wonder.

Did you know that snow falling through bare branches makes a sound? It’s soft and papery. I hear it best at night when tent camping. The world is cold, and there’s a moment when the air around you seems to turn to ice, and then, the snow starts. Snow can’t fall when it’s too cold, and I have often imagined that until the moment snow makes it’s appearance, the air is actually colder. Then, it snows, and everything warms just a bit. The wind stills and you hear it, the sound of millions of ice crystals stroking past the bark of the trees overhead.

People ask why I love winter. It’s for moments like these.

Thank you, Ms Buffy, for gifting me with your time, advice and friendship. Thank you, Gyllene/Harlow Layne, for lending me the beauty of your artistry.

Thank you, my readers, for walking with me through fairy tales, both old and new.

Chapter 50 – And They Shall See

Rainy day…

…here in New England. It’s warm outside, and the rain falls, making today feel more like April than February. Irish harp music is playing on the turntable. It’s a good day for giving my (still) extensive vinyl collection a work-out. A fine day for cooking and writing and starting the next house project – converting the downstairs bonus room into a mead room, complete with comfy furniture and a built-in bar. First job? Popcorn ceilings.

My best to all of you. My special thanks to you, Ms Buffy. I’m working away on the next chapter and it will be in your hands mid-week or so.

Thank you, Gyllene, or perhaps I should start to call you Harlow Layne, your new pen name. Harlow is running a giveaway on her site, and it’s worth a visit.

My best, and hope you enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 49 – Clear View


Breath Held…

Ever notice when things go really sideways, everything around you seems tense? It’s as though the very air stills, waiting for the release that good news brings, or the proof of passing danger. It is that most ancient of instincts, ‘flight or fight,’ kicking in, measuring your character and whispering things you should know.

Sometimes those things surprise you. You find an unknown reservoir of strength. You realize you do fight, and you hold grudges. You flee from situations you thought you were strong enough to face.

Each moment informs you, each opportunity, as difficult as it is, tells you some nugget about who you are behind the mirror of who you tell yourself you wish to be. It is a time to face things squarely and decide what you wish to change, and what aspects of your most intimate inner self, although uncomfortable, are those you will own, and hold to be you.

Sookie is in a time of sideways. Unlike Eric, who knows where he is and coming to a painful acceptance of his fate, Sookie finds herself on shifting sands. She knows more about what’s happened, but instead of finding partners for her fight, her friends tell her to break faith and move on.

She is in a time that tests her character, and like all fairytales, it is the heroine who perseveres, facing each adversity, who wins the day.

Thank you Ms Buffy for taking time out of your life to polish my words, and congratulations on the newest addition to your family. A grandchild is a particular blessing. We get to hold them and love them and then send them home.

Gyllene, my multi-talented friend, keep at it! Your book is progressing and I look forward to seeing your name in print.

Best of Sundays!

Chapter 48  – Breath Held