Full Circle – The Story of Turnings Continues…

Greetings and happy to be back from my extended vacation. I have recently returned from vacation in Ireland where solo hiked the Ring of Kerry. Amazing country and for anyone interested in tales of the road, feel free to reach out.

As promised, the sequel to Turnings continues. Almost as soon as I finished Turnings, I saw Rick becoming a father, and that dynamic forcing him to come to terms with what is takes to be a parent, while at the same time allowing Sookie and especially Eric to reclaim the adventure of raising  child together.

Full Circle is that story. Will there be drama? Well, it is one of my stories. Will there be new characters? Yes, there will be new characters in addition to those introduced in Turnings. While there will be a healthy dose of vampire politics, Full Circle is, at its heart, a story about family and how the differences that separate us can also create the bridges that bring us closer together.

Thank you to Harlow Layne (formerly Gyllene) for the wonderful banner. She continued with the Sookie chosen for Turnings, and incorporated that bit of whimsy needed for a story of the heart. If you aren’t following her Facebook feed, you should. She’s getting ready to launch her first original story, and we’re all excited for her.

Thank you Ms Buffy for returning to your editing chair. I realize your plate is full. Your generosity is most appreciated.

And thank you, my readers for your patience, your insight, and your company along the journey. My best to you all.

Chapter 1 – First Dark