The Magic of Change

It’s a different quality of light that plays through the leaves these days. It seems only a few short weeks ago, the light held that hint of gold. When you looked outside, you knew the air itself would feel rich, carrying the promise of heat and growing things. Now, it’s changed.

The leaves are still green, but the light no longer kisses everything it touches. Rather, it catches leaves, freezing them in its white, unforgiving brightness. It’s as if the sun is revealing them, unawares, and demanding they account for themselves.

The trees that line the ravine I see haven’t started to turn yet. They remain in all their glory, but the texture of their leaves has changed. Where once those leaves folded, flexible and lush, now they move as a piece, waiting for that first strong wind to whip and rip them from branches. Soon, they will give up their green camouflage, revealing their more colorful underpinnings and the motion of change will be revealed as well.

My best to all of you. Thank you to my special friend, Ms Buffy. I hope this change of season is kind to you.

Thank you – Natsgirl

Chapter 17 – It Turns

Fall Arrives…

Welcome to that gate-keeper to my favorite season; Welcome Fall!. There’s something in the air, the first nip of cold and snow, that makes my nose twitch. The earth sends up its heavy scent and you can almost feel the great wheel begin to slow. Somehow, things seem more luxurious now, as though nature itself decides to make its best effort before tucking things away for another year. The ground is covered with drying grasses and the forest floor crunches with acorns underfoot. Leaves begin to dry and curl, and the first bursts of color appear, startling against green backgrounds. The rains return and streams that were dry for the long, hot summer, spring back to life. My little lily pad fountain has become host to a frog and I noticed egg clusters floating on strings. He has made his provisions for next year, even as he starts to prepare to hibernate, hoping that he’ll find another year as well.

My best to all of you, and my special thanks to Ms Buffy, for her continued support in editing my pages.

Congratulations to Harlow Layne (Gyllene) who recently had her first book launch. Go look for her on Amazon and other on-line portals.

Happy Fall! I hope you make time to fashion your leaf crown and dance for the turn of season!

Chapter 16 – Into Thin Air

The best summer…

When I was a little girl, I remember saying to my Mother, “That was the best summer of my life!” My memories of those seasons out of time, when I had no responsibilities nor school are faded, but in my mind, they are still filled with gold and dandelion fluff catching the light in wooded glades. They are buttercups and hollows in the woods filled with violets, tree houses and running through tall grass.

I am older now, but for the first time in so many years, I have had the ‘best summer of my life.’ I have visited the Berkshires and Woodstock NY. I have hiked amazing trails both alone and in the company of others. I have read books that made me think and drank wine that made me sing. I have rowed a Dragon boat and run from hornets. I have changed a relationship with a man who always made me smile, but who now makes me smile in a different way. And there are my friends. I have enjoyed so many hours with these wonderful women. They have become part of my circle, and I savor every conversation.

It hasn’t been all fun, there’s been some work as well, mending relationships or building new ones, but in the end, this summer will take its place among those I include when I speak of ‘the best.’

I wish you all your best summer, and I hope this finds you well.

My special thanks to Ms Buffy, my lovely editor, who just celebrated her birthday. Another year of becoming more wonderful, good friend!


Chapter 14 – A Wolf in the Woods