By the skin of my teeth…


Chapter done and posted. My apologies to all. Since I’m so far behind this has not had the opportunity to be polished by Ms Buffy’s expert hand, so all mistakes are my own.

My best to each of you and hope this week has treated you well.

Chapter 25 – Everything Old

Real Life

Certainly not a good excuse, but the one I have. Real life has intruded on my writing time, nibbling at first, and more recently, taking great, greedy bites of that time I consider my own. Each job, each side of my life, which I maintain in their balanced boxes: work, scouting, condo leadership, writing, brewing, family, hiking, exercise, each playing in harmony… until recently.

Great things require sacrifice. I accept that as a maxim, and yet, now that I find myself in that place where several parts are dwarfing the others, I find I resent it. I want it all, like any screaming child.

But, balance will find its way to me, again. For now, enjoy this chapter, and I will use the holiday to write, bringing that lovely part of my life back into the forefront.

I wish my talented, amazing Ms Buffy and her family all the best at this holiday season. I apologize for not sending this chapter to you first. All mistakes are my own.

Best of holidays to you all.

Chapter 24 – Crows Come Home

Winter roars…

Unlike years past with their lingering warm weather, this year winter has come. There’s been no tip-toeing or dilly-dallying about it. One day it was warm and the next there was a blast of rain and wind that as much as said, “Fun’s Over! Bundle up!”

Now, the trees are all but bare and the wind blows cold, sending whirlwinds of leaves that scrape and skitter across the paved surfaces, chattering against each other.

My best to all, and especially to Ms Buffy. Bundle up, my friend, and protest those hands!

Happy Sunday…

Chapter 23 – Prodigal’s Passage