Monday night?

Yes, the chapter is late, and it’s coming out on a Monday.

First, I was late in writing, and my dear editor, Ms Buffy, has had a bit of a health issue. Nothing life-threatening, but enough that in spite of her cheery, unfailingly humorous way of telling it, I worry for her.

So, you are getting a chapter that has not had the benefit of her editing, and it’s the worse for it.

There is a danger in growing old. I speak, of course, for myself. I find that my patience for some things has improved, but my patience with myself has not. Forgive me for my tardiness and I hope it’s worth the wait.

Chapter 29 – Forward Past

Spring Forward…

Is there anything sillier than Daylight Savings Time? Why do we persist?

I’ll be struggling for the whole next week, pushing and prodding my sorry self to adjust to ‘losing’ an hour in my sleep cycle. There was a time it wasn’t so difficult for me, but in the last five years, anything that throws my circadian rhythms out of alignment creates problems.  Am I bitching? Yes… a bit… maybe more than a bit.

Thank you, Ms Buffy for editing this week’s chapter. I know how hard this weather is on you, and I wish you were having an easier time. My thoughts are with you, and all my best wishes for a kinder, gentler Spring.

And thank you, readers, for coming along with me on this journey.

 Chapter 38 – A Body in Motion

Welcome from the Woods

Chapter 37 is now available. I apologize for the delay.

I spent the weekend camping with my new girls’ troop. There remains some confusion here in the U.S. about girls joining Boy Scouts. Some think the troops are integrated: girls and boys camping and meeting together.

Not the case. There are girls’ troops. There are boys’ troops. They may compete against each other at events, but they aren’t in the same units. What allowing girls into the program did provide young women was equal access to the Boy Scout camps, resources and ranks.

Why is this different than Girl Scouts? Because it is. Girl Scouts does not have the heavy reliance on outdoor experiences that Boy Scouting does. Doesn’t make it ‘wrong’, just makes it different. There are girls who’d prefer to be camping in tents, rock climbing, kayaking and hiking in the wild. I was one of those girls, and for those wild spirits like me, there’s now a program that can nourish that part of them.

So, without further delay…

Thanks, Ms Buffy for lending your talent. Stay safe in the snow.

Chapter 37 – Walking on Glass