Flower Time!

I hope you have a wonderful time, regardless of the holiday you celebrate. For me, it’s the coming of the leaves that puts a spring in my step. Rains fall. Flowers bloom and all the earth reminds us that in the big flick of things, there is always a new beginning.

My best to you, and special thanks to Ms Buffy. May your cheeks be sore from smiling and your arms ache from returning the many hugs you receive.

Chapter 43 – Stranger Things

Travel.. travel…

The deer are migrating past my door, seeking the greener grass of the open fields to the south. They pick their way along the ridge, making their way down the steep embankment to drink from the rill that runs with Spring rain. It is the time of great awakening and movement, and it has my feet itching to find the road again.

Already the year has taken on a feel of travel. Monadnock, Yosemite, Cuyoga, Freeport, Inverness. Each place a stamp in the passport that will be my life. Each adventure carries with it some special meaning: reuniting with friends, seeing family, making new friends in new places. Each adventure another reason to rejoice in this great gift that is this life.

I wish all of you the same joy I feel, and hope you also find sweet adventure in each moment of your lives.

Thank you, Ms Buffy, for forgiving my tardiness in sending you my writing. I’ve become distracted by deer and daffodils. I will make an effort to be less last minute, dear friend!

Chapter 41 – Breadcrumbs