Taking that Breath

Morning and so nice to be back.

That fork in the road has been disruptive, as most forks are. Saying goodbye to things that have outlived their time is not easy. Change never is. As I have made another step toward that person I will become I’ve found some friendships have proven themselves. They have grown with me, willing to bend as I am, myself, bending.

Others have not.

It has been a year of travel and discovery. I am hiking in company, as well as alone. I am seeing beautiful places and finding that this part of my life is another beginning.

One thing I have missed is writing. It is that quiet place where I can allow my feelings to surface in ways it’s not polite to do in company. My characters speak for me, and reflect those I see around me. I don’t have to give them my ‘polite’ face. They can scheme, love, rant ad play to their hearts’ content. And, so they do.

My apologies for wandering so long. I can’t promise I’ll be totally back on schedule, but I am writing. Thank you for your understanding.

Chapter 45 – Goblin’s Dance