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Aside from WordPress, you can also find me in the following sites:

I use the Pen Name:  Natsgirl

The following links will take you to the Table of Contents or Story:

Swimming to the Light Series (in order)

Swimming for the Light

The Far Reach

And Then We Were One

  1. Part 1 – The Pledging
  2. Part 2 – The Wedding
  3. Part 3 – The Handfasting

A Distant Horizon

  1. Turnings
  2. Full Circle (Sequel – Turning)

Baile Siochanta

11970857801243195263Andy_heading_flourish.svg.medOne Shots & Short Stories

(SL) denotes an out-take to the Swimming to the Light Series

A Face in the Woods (SL)

A Heart Desires

It Takes Two (SL)

Slaugh Sidhe

The Snow Globe

Tomorrow is Another Day

Where it Began (SL)

  Other Places I Publish:



  Archive of our Own

The STARS Library


Downloadable Content (.pdf files)

8 thoughts on “My Stories

  1. Hello! I absolutely LOVE your work! I just started re-reading the swimming series and I was just wondering if you planned on turning A Distant Horizon, Turnings and Baile Siochanta into PDFs?

    Liked by 1 person

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