A Full Circle

Seven years have passed, and Sookie has learned all she wishes to know about living vampire. Without the benefit of a Maker, she is caught between the happiness of having the man she loves and losing her access to light. Rick has his own struggles. The son of now famous parents, he has stuck out on his own, searching his own path to manhood. Full Circle explores how one miracle leads to another, and how salvation can be found in the smile of a child.

Chapter 1 – First Dark

Chapter 2 – Finding Ground

Chapter 3 – Seeds

Chapter 4 – Falling

Chapter 5 – Slipping Priorities

Chapter 6 – What’s Lost is Found

Chapter 7 – Into the Breach

Chapter 8 – Light Floats

Chapter 9 – Laissez les Bon Temps

Chapter 10 – Sun’s Place

Chapter 11 – Fool’s Folly

Chapter 12 – Sweeping Through

Chapter 13 – Glass Slippers

Chapter 14 – A Wolf in the Woods

Chapter 15 – Where the Bells Ring

Chapter 16 – Into Thin Air

Chapter 17 – It Turns

Chapter 18- Blood Thick