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eric-northman-1024Welcome to my one shots.

The-Snow-Globe-2(Banner by Kittyinaz)

The Snow Globe

When a young woman loses her husband she takes a chance at a new start. What she finds is that sometimes the place you were meant to be is waiting for you to claim it. (non-canon. all human) (G rated)

First place winner – Kittyinaz’s December 2015 writing challenge

A Face in the Woods(Banner by Sephrenia)

A Face In The Woods

Sookie stumbles across a story in the Appalachian mountains that tells her about Eric’s earlier days, pre-Revelation. A Hallowe’en tale for telling around a campfire with friends. (G rated)

Written as a promotional piece for Area 5 Bloody Pen Day of the Dead writing challenge – Fall 2015

A Heart's Desire(Banner by Sephrenia)


What if Eric had been a little more proactive in solving his work problems following the takeover? And what is a certain telepath was a little easier to talk with? An AU of what might have been.

Written as a gift for FairyTaleAmber: Fall 2015 Storyexchange

It Takes Two(Banner by Sephrenia)

It Takes Two

What if Eric and Sookie did move in together after they pledged, but like most whirlwind romances, there were a few things left unsaid?

Written as a gift for Kinnik.  Fall 2015 Story Exchange

Tomorrow-is-Another-Day-Natsgirl(banner by Kittyinaz)

Tomorrow is Another Day

It’s the days after the takeover but before Eric’s Maker comes to town.  Sookie is at a party at her brother’s house and hoping a certain vampire is able to come too. 

Written for a Kittyinaz Monthly Writing Contest Jan 2015.

Sluagh Sidhe (Wild Ride)SLAUGH SIDHE (THE WILD RIDE)

Did you ever wonder how Eric Northman and Niall, Prince of the Sky Fae met? Sluagh Sidhe is a tale of fairy and vampire in ancient Ireland and how Niall met the woman who would start it all.

Written for the Area 5 Bloody Pen Historical Fiction Writing Contest.

Spring 2015

11970857801243195263Andy_heading_flourish.svg.med11202685_10206872622471558_677877935_o(banner by Kittyinaz)

Where It Began

An AU view of our favorite couple as they welcome a new member of their family and remember where their journey to each other began.

Written for the Kittyinaz Writing Contest – May 2015

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