Chapter 10 – Neap Tide

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When Sookie rolled over to look at the bedside clock, she groaned, rolled away, rubbed her eyes, and checked again. She couldn’t remember any time in the past ten years she’d slept so late. It was almost noon and there were no messages. No one had knocked on her door or rang her phone, looking for her. Sookie marveled again at the difference it made, working with vampires.

What hadn’t changed was her need for coffee and something to eat. She rolled into the bathroom and tried to construct stories she could tell herself to dampen the growling in her stomach and the dull pain that centered between her eyebrows. She texted Amber and jumped in the shower.

When she finished toweling off, she checked her phone. There was no message from Felipe’s companion/secretary, but Sookie wasn’t surprised. Amber had spent time last night teasing the King, and Sookie had the impression that Felipe liked to pay his debts. It reminded Sookie of mornings she had woken pinned under Eric, having to wriggle and wiggle to get out of the bed. It was crazy, but it never made her angry, in fact, just the opposite. Sighing, Sookie texted Ted instead.

The accountant was up and offered to meet her downstairs for lunch. Ted ran numbers for Felipe’s various enterprises. Ted had never married and he loved being associated with Las Vegas. Sookie picked images out of his head featuring the accountant using his base of operations and occupation to pick up women in his travels. Sookie figured if Ted hadn’t started working for Felipe, he’d still be living downstairs in his Mother’s basement. He didn’t sport a comb-over anymore, but his thick middle looked ridiculous wedged into his skinny jeans.

Sookie ate a salad that was very good. There were other humans here, mostly retinue or companions. It wasn’t quite the same crowd she’d seen at the spa last night. She figured those people were likely hanging upstairs until the evening programs began.

Ted asked her questions about her personal life that Sookie mostly dodged. He had no idea whom she had been, and Sookie found that to be a welcome change. She tried not to look directly at the accountant since he had a tendency to talk while he chewed. Ted started working harder to try and impress Sookie. He slipped information about famous people he’d met into the conversation and, at one point, lied about the size of his bank account.

“Do you know why Felipe has me on payroll?” Sookie asked after Ted told a particularly big lie.

“I figured you were his back-up plan.” Ted shrugged, and Sookie realized Ted assumed Felipe was sleeping with her when he tired of Amber.

“No, Ted, that’s not it,” Sookie rolled her eyes, wishing she had brain bleach. “I read peoples’ minds. Surely you knew that.”

Ted smiled in his vacant way, then he blinked once, and once again, “Oh! For real? I thought that was your cover,” and his face fell.

“Nope, it’s the real deal,” Sookie shrugged. She tapped her forehead, “I can hear every time anyone tells a whopper, a near whopper, and a down-right lie. I write it all down and pass it along. That’s why I’m here, to be Felipe’s personal lie detector.”

“Oh,” Ted said flatly. Sookie raised her eyebrows, so Ted knew she was on to him, and then she smiled when he reached for his phone and started answering emails. It would make daytime a little lonelier, but Sookie figured it was a better option than another meal alone with Ted, Casanova Accountant.

When lunch was over, Sookie took the stairs up to the ballrooms and walked around. She poked her head into meeting rooms to see the setups. She scoped out the registration tables and then she walked into the exhibitors’ hall. Tables were already up, and many of them had flashing lights or other devices designed to lure those attending into stopping to see whatever was being sold. It felt familiar, seeing how similar the exhibits were to the ones Sookie remembered. There were exhibitors selling travel coffins and light-tight security systems. Concierge services seemed to be a hot commodity as well as bonded courier services. Sookie didn’t wander in too far. The room was dark and although she could tell she was alone, she felt a chill and decided to head back to her room.

There were no particular clothes designated for tonight, other than her monogramed blazer. Sookie knew her job was to sit quietly on a side chair during presentations and business meetings and take notes. Sookie grabbed the complimentary newspaper and curled into the chair in her room and read until she dozed.

Shortly after sunset, her phone rang. It was Mr. Cataliades telling her they were all expected to meet in the main restaurant downstairs, and she was late.

Sookie walked into the restaurant to find everyone already seated. Felipe was holding court. His bodyguards were arrayed around them. There were other monarchs in the restaurant as well. Sookie didn’t remember vampires hanging around the restaurants before, but it seemed that practice had changed.

Amber was eating steak and Ted was, too. Sookie ordered broiled fish. She couldn’t see eating a heavy dinner when she’d be sitting in meetings all night. Mr. Cataliades was working on a large salad, which was how Sookie knew he was miserable. Happy demons ate a lot; unhappy demons ate healthy.

“How was your day?” Felipe asked Sookie. He was running his fingers over Amber’s shoulder. He reminded Sookie of someone who admired the line of a thing, but didn’t really understand it’s value. Amber was pretty, beautiful even, but Felipe didn’t seem to think about her beyond that.

“It was fine,” Sookie smiled. “I slept later than I have in years. Could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw the time.”

“Good, then you should be able to keep up with the meetings tonight,” Felipe grinned. When Sookie looked concerned, he laughed, “Don’t worry! I’ll make sure there’s coffee ready if you need it!”

“What about me?” Amber preened.

“I’ll have other things ready for you,” Felipe purred. Amber simpered, but Sookie was willing to put down money that the next Summit would see Felipe with another companion.

“How many meetings are we talking about?” Sookie asked, diverting attention from the all too public display Amber was providing them.

“It’s a busy schedule,” Felipe acknowledged, “but the third item on the agenda is a professional presentation. That should be around eleven. I want you to take Amber downstairs during that time to see the exhibitors.” Sookie wondered when she’d become the designated babysitter, but she schooled her attitude. She didn’t have anything against Amber. She was just another silly girl looking for love and money, not necessarily in that order.

As promised, the first meeting was a fairly general presentation, but it did involve a rival territory. There were a fair number of vampires in the room, but there were others. Sookie listened carefully, but nothing of interest was said, either verbally or mentally. The second meeting was boring. They were talking about financial risk balancing and the talk included words like ‘hedging’ and ‘surplus notes.’ Sookie felt her eyes crossing, and she was embarrassed at how relieved she felt when it wrapped up and she could escape with Amber.

The exhibitors’ hall was crowded. It seemed there were plenty of people who didn’t care about arbitrage or risk sharing and were escaping here. Together, Sookie and Amber drifted down the aisles, pausing to pick up give-away items in a little bag they were each presented on arrival. Sookie saw vampires she’d met before, but they turned away from her like she was a bad smell.

“Having fun?” Rubio asked from behind her.

Sookie couldn’t help jumping, startled just a little, but she drew a breath, turned, and said, “Not really. I was prepared for the cold shoulder, but folks here take it to a whole new level.”

“Vampires, for all we live forever, exist with intensity,” Rubio acknowledged.

Sookie was smiling at Rubio, which is why when Bill Compton stepped in front of her, she ran into him. While Sookie blushed furiously, Rubio greeted Bill. When she gathered herself, Sookie pasted her smile in place, “Well, hi, Bill. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“It’s been many years,” Bill replied. He was standing still in that vampire way that was kind of creepy and then he leaned forward a little, “I have been looking for you.”

Sookie knew her smile had gone to Crazy Sookie intensity as she said, “Oh.” It wasn’t a great answer, but she couldn’t think of what else to say. Truth was, she hadn’t thought of Bill Compton in many years. She glanced away from him, aware of how close he was standing.

Amber chose that moment to walk up. In her thoughtless way, she inserted herself into the space, and Bill took a step back, “Oh! I know you!” she gushed. “You’re the vampire with the database!”

Bill’s expression changed from intense to carefully civil, “Yes, that’s right,” and he bowed a little. “That is why I’m here, carrying out the wishes of my King.”

Sookie saw that Bill was standing in front of a table displaying disks and offering downloads of the vampire database. She couldn’t help but notice how people walked past them, not lingering like they did at other tables. “I should probably move along,” Sookie said dryly, “Folks here like to keep their distance from me. I’m probably killing your business.”

Bill laughed that weird laugh of his, “This business dried up long ago,” he told her. “Those who needed the database have purchased it, and there’s not enough new vampires to drive new sales.”

“Then why…” and Sookie stopped talking.

“Because my King thinks it’s charming to have me show up at every Summit and stand at my table,” Bill said, not hiding his bitterness. “He seems to think it will inspire me to come up with another money-making idea that will benefit him.”

“You could simply sign it over to the King,” Rubio reprimanded him.

“It’s mine!” Bill hissed. Bill’s reaction was quick and violent, and Sookie was taken aback by the way mild-mannered Bill looked every inch the vampire, but then, just as quickly, he retracted his fangs and Bill the Gentleman slid back in place. “Are you back for good?” he asked Sookie.

“I’m working for Felipe under a contract,” Sookie replied. “He’s got my services for four more trips, and then we’ll see.”

Bill reached forward and awkwardly took Sookie’s hand. There was something sad about her first love, so Sookie allowed it. “You look wonderful, Sweetheart,” he said quietly. “Please don’t disappear again.”

Amber giggled, but it wasn’t a nice laugh, “Oh, Sookie! You have an admirer!” she smirked.

“I should be getting back upstairs,” Sookie pulled her hand from Bill. Turning to Amber, she said, “Coming?”

“No,” Amber pouted. “Tell Felipe I went to the spa and I’ll have something waiting for him when he gets upstairs,” and waggling her eyebrows, she turned and flounced away.

Sookie and Rubio walked back toward the elevators. “She’s foolish if she thinks she will hold the King’s interest for long,” Rubio observed.

“Is he still watching me?” Sookie asked. She could feel a prickling feeling all the way down her back.

“Yes, Compton is still staring,” Rubio nodded. When the elevator doors closed, Sookie couldn’t stop the sigh of relief. “I will alert the bodyguards,” Rubio told her.

“Oh, don’t be silly!” Sookie pasted a quick smile on her face. “He just startled me is all. He was my boyfriend once upon a time. It just feels awkward, seeing him.”

Rubio nodded, but Sookie could tell he wasn’t convinced.

When they re-entered the meeting room, several heads swiveled their way. Felipe and Stan Davis were talking and the tension was so thick, Sookie almost took a step back. “That is a groundless accusation,” Felipe said smoothly. He reminded Sookie of a snake.

“I’m smarter than you think, Zorro!” Stan snarled. “Don’t think you won’t pay either! You think I don’t know about those shipments across the Panhandle? I heard there was an accident…”

“You had better hope that isn’t the case,” Felipe leaned in, his voice cold and deadly.

“I’m not saying I had anything to do with it,” Stan shrugged, a satisfied smirk on his face. “I’m just a reporter.”

“There are courtesies we have always observed,” Felipe was starting to step to the side. It almost looked like a flanking maneuver and Stan stepped right along with him.

“Courtesies? Like keeping the interest rates low for friends?” Felipe’s eyes were flat, so Sookie figured whatever this meant it must have been a good hit.

“There is no reason for you to fight,” and Sookie recognized Russell Edgington. He stepped from the crowd that was on the far side of the Kings and he physically stepped between them. The other vampires in the room seemed ready for a fight, and Sookie could see disappointment on the faces of several. For his part, Rubio stepped back and Sookie realized he was waiting to pull her away if things became physical.

Later, as Rubio walked Sookie to her room, she asked, “Was that as bad as it looked?”

Rubio nodded, “The purpose of this Summit is to broker a détente, but it’s going badly. In some ways, it might be better to let them fight, then it would just be the two of them, and this could be settled.” Rubio stepped back while Sookie used her key, “It won’t be settled, though,” Rubio continued, “and I worry that when things do come to a head it will be a bloody affair.”

“There’s always hope,” Sookie said, before she said good night. That night as she lay in bed she thought about the way the Kings had bristled and postured. She thought about how the vampires had stood back from them, almost willing them to battle. Somehow, none of it felt hopeful.




The next day there was a planned excursion for humans to go into town for shopping. Sookie got on the bus and spent the next few hours lost in gift shopping and generally poking around. She resisted the temptation to buy Rick a cowboy hat. Instead, she settled on a belt buckle. She bought a soft, hand-loomed wrap for Lora and a tooled leather bag for Fran. She made arrangements to have everything shipped, so she wouldn’t have to answer questions at the hotel.

Felipe didn’t seem interested in tracking down where she lived, but Sookie wasn’t fooled. She kept an eye open, watching for surveillance. When she bought things, she kept her phone in her purse. It wouldn’t keep the King from tracking her, but at least he couldn’t pull video footage.

That night at dinner, it was clear that something was not right between Amber and Felipe. Amber was a clear broadcaster and Sookie was given a full view of the evening before. The King had brought another man into their room, which was fine with Amber until she realized the man was gay, and the King expected them both to service him. When the King pushed Amber away, showing a preference for the male hustler, Amber took exception and she made a scene that didn’t end well for her.

When supper ended, Ted tucked his paunch into his jeans and said, “Maybe I should go talk with Amber.”

“If you value your balls, I’d suggest you let sleeping dogs lie,” Mr. Cataliades observed. Ted blanched and then headed the other direction. “And how is your visit going so far?” the attorney asked Sookie.

“I’m ready to go home,” Sookie sighed.

“Well, only two more nights,” Mr. Cataliades nodded. “Of course, you could be in contract talks with Ted and myself. Surely your time is spent in a more pleasurable way.”

Sookie laughed, “Yup, you got me beat for entertainment, and that’s for sure!” Sookie headed back to her room. The dress code for tonight was more provocative. Sookie was expected to wear a tight skirt and a low-cut blouse. Even her bra had been chosen and it both lifted and enhanced, neither of which she needed. She figured she’d look like the stuffing pouring out of a Thanksgiving turkey, but that was the effect she knew the King wanted.

There would be vampires tonight, mostly male. They were not immune to handsome humans and Sookie’s job was to distract. Amber was also supposed to be there, but announced she had a headache and wouldn’t be attending. Felipe was unconcerned. He explained that while vampires will admire the pet of another, they will honor a prior claim. Sookie, however, was unclaimed, so, dressed as she was, she would trigger hunting instincts, creating the desired distraction.

Sookie was fighting with her own very different instincts. She wanted to hide, sensing the eyes on her. She remembered the King’s instructions, though, and self-consciously shifted in her chair, flashing cleavage and thigh. Her face was burning and she had to bite her lips to keep from trembling. That only seemed to draw more notice from those in the room.

The next meeting, Felipe moved her chair, so she was closer to his table and in clear view of those who would sit opposite the King. “You are doing very well,” he complimented her. “I realize this is uncomfortable, and I apologize. I’ll find a way to make this up to you, but I do understand my audience. As foolish and shallow as it is, it works.”

When the next group came in, Sookie was so nervous she dropped her pen. Almost without thinking, she leaned over to retrieve it and when she sat back up, she saw two sets of fangs and dark, piercing eyes fastened on her. She blushed so hard she could feel sweat running down her back, and it took every bit of self-control she could muster not to wiggle in discomfort.

Felipe was triumphant at the end of the meetings. He felt the outcomes and agreements were favorable, and he told Sookie he was in her debt. “Please, let me take you downstairs to the bar. There is music planned, a singer.”

They took the elevator downstairs, and Felipe joked with her. He had a light, sure touch with mimicry, and Sookie couldn’t stop giggling as he imitated first one and then another of the vampires who’d come through the rooms tonight. “Fools!” he laughed before taking Sookie’s hand and kissing it, “To not see beyond the surface to the treasure you are!”

Felipe dropped her hand almost immediately and reminded her of another moment, making it feel like it was not that she had humiliated herself, but that they had pulled some great joke together. It salved her pride and made her smile come more easily.

The bar was crowded. Rubio was standing to one side, speaking with others from Amun. Sookie saw their eyes wash over her before landing, coldly, on Felipe. Sookie watched Rubio murmur something, an excuse, and make his way to their table. Felipe immediately launched into his story, outlining how brilliantly the wonderful Miss Stackhouse had conducted herself and sympathizing over the short-sightedness of men. Drinks were ordered, gin and tonic for her, and blood for the vampires.

The singer took stage and her voice carried, pure and clear over the crowd. By the time her set was over, Sookie realized she’d had two more drinks, and her laughter was a shade too loud. “I’m sorry,” she stammered. “I guess I’m not used to drinking any more. I should get upstairs.”

“Nonsense!” Felipe shushed her. He had his arm across the back of the bench seat, his top shirt button undone. “Just don’t have any more to drink and stay for the next set. You’ll settle a little more by then and I’ll have Rubio walk you up.”

“That’s real nice of you,” Sookie said in a rush, and she realized she really was feeling drunk.

Felipe turned then and his face sobered, “I expected to see your wife,” he said, and Sookie knew. She swallowed, and then forced her eyes to lift. Eric Northman was standing to the other side of their table. He glanced at her and she saw loathing in his eyes. She felt hot all over and, for a moment, she thought she’d be sick. He flicked his eyes away from her and focused instead on the King.

“Freyda was called away unexpectedly. She asked that I make her apologies personally. I am sorry I interrupted your evening.” He voice was smooth, a courtier’s voice.

“You aren’t interrupting anything!” Felipe laughed. “Of course, you remember Rubio and the charming Miss Stackhouse.” Felipe looked at Sookie in a kindly way, “Sookie is working as my consultant. She drove a hard bargain, but she is well worth it. She has a rare talent and I am most grateful.”

“I remember her…talent,” Eric kept his eyes on the King. “I see she still dresses well for the occasion.”

Sookie’s misery flashed to fury, “Well, don’t you have a lot of assumptions, Mr. Northman!” she snapped. “At least my contract is just a money exchange. I don’t have to put out other favors, and for the record, I don’t!”

All the alcohol faded away and Sookie stood, her eyes blazing. “I think I’m done for the evening, Felipe,” she announced. “Thank you for an enjoyable evening and I’ll see you tomorrow night.” She bowed to Rubio and, with her back straight, she headed for the elevators.

As the doors closed, she saw her reflection in the mirrored walls. Her blouse was gaping, her breasts looking as though they were popping out. Her skirt was so tight she could almost see the outline of her panties. She felt her humiliation all over again, but she held her tears until the door to her bedroom was closed.




Eric couldn’t help watching Sookie as she stomped away. He remembered that set in her shoulders and the way she held her head when she was angry. He remembered the feel of her fury, how alive it made her. Then he stilled. He could sense the King’s eyes on him. “I see you are still fond of her,” Felipe purred.

Eric schooled his expression and swung to face the King again. Rubio was looking neutral, but Felipe’s look was more than speculative. “I admire a woman who maintains her looks,” Eric nodded. “Sookie has done well for her age.”

“Of course,” Felipe nodded, but Eric could see he wasn’t fooled. “Perhaps you would like to join us, now that you have chased my consultant away. We can reminisce about Louisiana and when we were together.”

Eric had to hand it to Felipe, he had a rare way with words. “For a moment,” he agreed.

“I really am disappointed that Freyda wasn’t able to come. It has been too many years since I have seen her. I hear you are well settled,” and Felipe signaled the waitress to bring more blood.

“I am content there,” Eric nodded. “It has proven a profitable union for both of us.”

“Which is what one wishes,” Felipe smiled more broadly. “Vampires understand vampires. Things are clearer and what is important comes first.” Felipe sipped again, “Of course, like any kingdom, there are those small struggles, those inconveniences. Borders, trade, jealous neighbors: all those petty conflicts that can cause happiness to elude us. But, of course, you don’t have those concerns! Even me, with my good relations with California and Utah, still we fight over inconsequential things! A true and strong alliance would make these difficulties go away!”

“True alliances are rare,” Eric said noncommittally.

“But what better basis to form such an alliance than mutual interests and old favors,” Felipe smiled. “Like our Miss Stackhouse, for instance. When she decided she needed money, who else would she reach out to? It seems like old times, except…” and Felipe let the pause grow. The King leaned forward and his face took on a thoughtful expression, “She has changed. She is more…confident.”

The King’s voice dropped, sounding as if he was imparting secrets. “I will tell you, Eric, I never understood your attitude toward her before. She was lovely, of course, but the appeal escaped me, but now? Working closer with her, I have come to a new appreciation. It’s more than her looks, isn’t it? She’s clever and smart. She has a style all her own.” The King shook his head. “I am intrigued,” he shrugged, “More than I should be,” and he sat back again and then he grinned.

“Look at me!” Felipe exclaimed, “About to ask advice about courting from her ex-husband! I could be in a Spanish novella,” and he waved dismissively at himself. “Well, enough foolishness!” he mock-scolded, “Tell me of yourself!”

Eric spent the next hour telling the King of Oklahoma. He talked about the commerce of the kingdom and the activities in the state. He told the King things that any person could have read in a newspaper about Freyda and himself. He emphasized his pleasure in his Queen and how comfortable their partnership had become. He was free in thanking Felipe because the word of a Consort held no power and they both knew it.

When Eric left, he didn’t take the elevator to his rooms. Instead, he took the stairs and walked all the way around the floor, then he took the stairs up one more floor, and did the same thing. His long legs scissored, eating up the corridors, his teeth grinding. He kept seeing her, her head thrown back, laughing at the Spanish King’s jokes. He remembered how Felipe’s eyes traveled to her cleavage and the proprietary way his arm rested across her back. Sookie may have protested, but the way they were sitting and talking told a different story. The Sookie he knew would only display herself to someone she was intimate with, and there was little being left to the imagination tonight.

Another floor was covered, and then another. He remembered the way her hair was escaping its coil and the way her eyes snapped. She looked rounder, more lush. It made him ache just looking at her.

Another floor and another flashed by. He wasn’t running, but he was walking too quickly, his hands fisted. Another set of stairs, a gray staircase that looked like another hallway where he had brought her within his cape and bonded with her. He could still see her, his Sookie, he could still feel her mouth on him.

Eric rounded the corner and a woman was there. She slammed into his chest and dropped an ice bucket. He registered the sound and feel of the ice around him and he was staring down at her. Sookie Stackhouse. Her hair was curling around her face and she was wearing a loose shirt and jeans. She had been crying, he could smell it and his nostrils flared, taking in more of her; wheat and honey and summer rain.

His hands had automatically closed around her upper arms to stop her from falling, and although her mouth was open in surprise, her hands came up between them, running up his chest. “Eric,” she whispered so low he wondered if he imagined it.

Her fingers fisted then, capturing his shirt and his mouth was on hers. He wanted to crush her, to hurt her, but she wasn’t backing away. She moaned, and, in that moment, he was undone.

“Where is your room?” he growled.

She gestured in back of him. She pulled her key from her pocket and pushed against him. He stepped backward, his mouth on hers. Her hands kept pushing, guiding until they were beside a door. She slapped her key against the pad and the light flashed green. It was Sookie who opened the door, grabbed Eric’s waistband, and pulled him inside.

There were some lights on. The room was neat, but Eric didn’t have time to look around. Sookie pulled his shirt from his pants and ran her hands up his chest. Eric grabbed her tee-shirt and pulled it from her. His hands cupped her breasts. They fit so perfectly, even better than he remembered. Her nipples were hard as he rubbed his thumbs across them and she moaned again, pressing wet kisses through his shirt.

Their hands moved, alternately drifting and demanding. He didn’t want to hurry, but he couldn’t taste her soon enough. She was straining on tiptoe, her teeth pulling at his lower lip, demanding entrance and he lifted her to bring her face closer. Sookie’s arms snaked over his shoulders and her hands framed his face. She stroked his cheeks with her thumbs as she once had, that gesture speaking of kindness and more. She dipped toward him, licking his fangs, first one and then the other, curling her tongue around them before more fully exploring his mouth. She was different, she was more, she was his home, and he buried his nose in the place just below her ear where her scent was strongest.

Her fingers were tugging, racing with the buttons on his shirt, and when she had them undone, she pulled her face from his and leaned down to lick and bite his nipples, just the way he liked. He was so hard it hurt, and then her fingers were there, too, undoing his pants. He lowered her to the floor. Her hand reached to grasp him and it was perfect. She released him and pulled his pants past his hips and then she followed them, running her hands down the long lines of his thighs, kissing and nibbling, untying shoes, until he was naked before her.

She stood and unfastened her own jeans, her eyes on his. She let them slip from her hips. She was wearing black underwear, and she unfastened her bra and let that fall, too, before pushing him backward to sit on the edge of the bed.

The old Sookie would have waited for his cue, but this Sookie, the one with the hungry eyes who looked at him as he’d always wished, fell to her knees and licked up his legs, her hands cradling and fondling, her mouth kissing and then, taking his head into her warm mouth, her eyes fastened on his.

She wasn’t any better at oral sex than she had been before, but she approached it with a new energy, an enthusiasm, and Eric was soon arching into her. She was using tongue and lips. It was difficult not to grab her hair and bury himself in her throat. His mouth fell open, his fangs displayed, and Sookie moaned around him.

“Yes!” he cried, and, reaching forward, he dragged her off her knees and toward him. He laid back and pulled her toward him. She resisted, holding back to run her mouth and hands over his body, kissing and licking. She rubbed her face against his chest and she trailed her teeth over his upper arms. He was on fire and he reached down to part her lips.

Sookie crawled forward, straddling him and ran herself over his nodding cock, so he could feel how wet she was. When she took him in her hand this time, she ran her thumb over his head, using the moisture he was already leaking to make him wet, too. She positioned him at her entrance. “Yes,” she sighed. “Please!”

She sank down on him then, her walls slowly giving way, enveloping him in her silky heat. She was so tight around him that Eric could feel her pulse beating against him. She allowed her head to drop back, her hands pushing against his chest as she nibbled her lower lip. When he was nearly seated, she rose up and then sank on him again, allowing him even deeper within her, and then the time for slow was over.

Eric sat up and grabbed Sookie’s hips. He lifted her and when she struggled to maintain the rhythm he wanted, he flipped them over, captured her hands above her hand with one hand, and using his other hand to lift her hips, opening her more fully to him. She was perfect, this was perfect. Sookie’s breasts were sliding against him and she opened her legs wider, bringing her heels to wrap around his hips.

She was panting, making noises, her mouth open, her eyes closed. She was going to come, but he wasn’t ready for that. “Not yet!” he growled. He pulled out of her and flipped her to her knees. He kicked her legs apart and entered her again, deep and sure.

“Eric!” her voice was throaty. He could hear her need and it echoed his own. Only she could do this to him. He settled back into his rhythm, running his fingers around where he slickly pistoned within her, using the moisture to wet his thumb, and then inserting it in her rosebud, moving it in counterpoint to his cock, the way she loved. Sookie’s head dropped to the bed as she moved against him, her hips driving him deeper. She swiveled and he almost came undone.

He leaned over her back, “You will come for me now,” he growled in her ear. He leaned back again, so he could lightly slap her left cheek and then reaching around, rubbed her clit quickly while he pushed both cock and thumb within her. Her orgasm took her, hard and fast, and she cried out in her pleasure.

“Yes!” she cried, and “Eric!” as her walls milked him and he allowed her to take him with her. He couldn’t remember coming so hard, not since the last time he had been with her. It was sublime.

He pulled her to him, folding her within his arms, and dropping so they were spooned together on the bed. Sookie was breathing hard, but her hands sought him, her fingers twining with his. It felt right, it felt best. She turned within his embrace, cuddling her head against his chest, her breath warm against him.

As they lay there, Eric knew this was a mistake.

Sookie reached for him again, her hand lazily stroking. “Sookie,” he said, and her hand stilled. Her eyes lifted to his and she smiled. It was a trusting, happy smile and she scooted up, kissing him, and her hand began its movement again. She was breathing her sweet breath. Her scent was heavy in the air. He wondered if she was more Fae, if that could explain his reaction. He tried not to kiss her, but then he did.

“I missed this,” she whispered. “I missed us.”

He couldn’t bring himself to say anything. He had already betrayed himself, he couldn’t compound his wrong with more words. “I should leave,” he said instead, and her hand stilled a second time.

Now her eyes changed. She looked afraid, and then so sad. “Please, Eric,” she begged him. “Please, make love to me one more time. Just once! It will hold me for the rest of my life! Please!” Sookie opened her eyes. She bit her lip as she cradled his face in her hands. He started to turn from her, and he watched the pain as it passed over her face, the way her eyes squeezed shut and her face became tight. He could smell her tears and it was his undoing.

He loved her then. He allowed all the feelings he had buried so deep to come forward. He remembered all the curves and nuances of her body and he revisited every one. Sookie had a good memory as well, and he lost himself in the sweetness that had always been theirs.

As he moved within her, her chest against his, her legs wrapped around him as she moved in his lap, he watched with wonder as she lost herself in their moment. One minute she was watching him, her pupils dark, the next her head was thrown back, her ecstasy robbing her of breath. She was magnificent and in a move so natural he couldn’t stop it, Eric leaned over her neck and sank his fangs into her, and with a cry, Sookie sank her teeth into him as well. It was stunning, the feeling of it. “Perfect!” he sighed. “You are so perfect!”

“I love you,” she whispered, giving him the words he had once longed to hear from her, and Eric knew he loved her, too, and always would.

He held her until she fell asleep in his arms. He could tell she knew he’d be gone when she awoke. He could feel her, her happiness tinged with regret twining across his nerves. It was not a bond, but a mutual exchange was still a powerful thing. It would take some time before the effects wore off and Eric knew he would smell of her as she smelled of him.

He carefully withdrew from her, trying his best not to disturb her. A sadness passed over her face, echoed across their connection, and he sat on the side of the bed, reluctant to go. His hand moved back to tuck her hair away from her face, and her brow smoothed again. He glanced at her form under the blanket and stood up, pulling it from her. He ran his eyes across her, from head to foot, slowly cataloging the changes. It was on her belly that his eyes lingered. The faint crisscross of scarring told its tale. “You are a woman of mystery, my Sookie,” he whispered. “Willing to break your honor for this thing, as I do,” and he pulled the blanket back over her.

Eric walked around the room, collecting his clothes. He checked the time on his phone and started texting as he walked down the corridor and away from his heart.

The first message was to Mr. Cataliades, asking the demon to meet him in his room. The next was to his dayman, instructing him to arrange transport back to Oklahoma for first thing tomorrow morning. It was time to go home, and as Eric walked up the stairs that would take him to his floor, he thought about what would come next. He would shower and then feed from several donors tonight, muddling the bright scent of her. He would fly to Oklahoma and he would hide for the next week until she faded further.

As Eric reached his room, he resolved to never see Sookie again, not while she lived. He simply didn’t have the strength of character, and he hated his weakness both for himself and for her. He had betrayed his Queen and himself. He owed Freyda better and he vowed to become the consort she deserved and to make this memory the one that would finally allow him to put Sookie Stackhouse behind him.




67 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – Neap Tide

  1. Thank you for posting this a little early. I stumbled onto this in the afternoon. Made my day, but so so sad. Just explosive passion between these two. Thank you.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Well, he’s still not free, is he? That’s a problem….
      As for Sookie, she stopped lying about how she feels about him. Now, he needs to catch up, but’s he’s just as stubborn as she, in his own way.

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  2. Wow. I didn’t see that one coming

    Eric now knows Sookie had a child as the evidence is in her stretch marks on her stomach.

    He thinks she like him had no self control and has another life to go back to. He has no idea that HE is her life and he has a son that needs him. How sad he doesn’t know the truth. When he finds out the guilt will crush him

    When Sookie wakes up I hope Felipe doesn’t reak havoc on her since she will smell of Eric. I’m sure he will not hesitate to call Freyda and rub it in.

    Poor Sookie, poor Eric and Poor poor Rick.

    Let’s hope Sookie remembers she was pregnant before and perhaps it can happen again
    Thank you for posting this excellent chapter.


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    1. The one thing about these two that they did wonderfully well was sex. Talking? Not so much. They were good at the little things – what happened during the day, who said what about whom. But feelings? What they meant to each other? Terrible!! So, you’re right. Eric makes wrong assumptions and they both have to deal with the aftermath of what they’ve done. Good thing Eric understands the implications and is smart enough to get things in motion for both their sakes.

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    2. Oh I never thought of that. Maybe a little sister for Rick?
      You know Felipe will use this somehow. That is what I’m most nervous about.
      I also think this felt good at the moment but it could send them both into an emotional tailspin.
      Ugh! We have to wait a week!

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  3. First, I am thankful for the extra chapter. I did a happy dance when I noticed the posting while watching Tarzan for the fourth time. Alex and Margot are smoking hit together.

    I was cheering Sookie when she sipped that tall glass of water like a dying woman. I’m surprised your keyboard didn’t explode from the hotness squared!

    Eric vowing to stay away was a lark. And Sookie just gimme loving one more time ain’t Britney! Like she would pass on another chance to hit that, girl please!

    Looking forward to Eric’s talk with Desmond and Sookie walk of shame with Felipe and Fran. In her defense, it has been TEN DAMN years! She needed those cobwebs cleared.

    I heartily approve this last chapter. Snickers! Now more Tarzan fantasy……

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    1. Not only cleared, but given the opportunity to defy all the rules and reunite with the love of her life? Who wouldn’t?! It does seem that Eric is just as good at lying to himself as Sookie is. He really thinks he can forget her? Silly vampire! Emotions never go away, no matter how brutal the training. You can expect that Eric will try, though. This Eric is honorable. He gave his word and he is trying to make good on it. What makes it easier (or harder) is that Freyda may be naïve, but she’s not a bad person.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. He is good at lying to himself, just like Sookie. I agree. He can’t be rid of her, no matter how often he tells himself he can. While the head can lead the body, the heart can’t be ruled – not entirely.

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    1. He will assume that child belongs to someone else. Why wouldn’t he? He will assume, since he knows Sookie is a good girl, that she has another life, another lover, as he does. Eric’s relationship with Freyda may be largely platonic, but he does feel he owes her something.

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  4. And another thing, why does Eric think so highly of Freyda? If she really cared for him, she would’ve left him with Sookie or try to make them work. Eric will never really be hers, she better get used to it. Eric a cheating husband, he he!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Eric is an honorable man caught in a mess where he believes he is doing the right thing. Sookie rejected him. The contract was there. Even though she didn’t want him, Eric understood the dangers that awaited Sookie. Once he left, she could have found herself like Tara, passed from one vampire to another and unable to protect herself. He gave his word and signed a contract selling himself for two hundred years to make sure she would be safe and get the ‘normal’ life she said she wanted. As for Freyda? He gave his word – why should she doubt he would make an effort? She probably didn’t approach the marriage as being a love match – she was young, needed protection and he wasn’t terrible to look at. In my version, she is also a nice person, and Eric isn’t being a jerk. He may not be in love with her, but he has no reason to treat her poorly. But, in the end, Freyda and Eric weren’t meant for eachother and no scrap of paper will change that.

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  5. Oh Eric, I think it’s too late for that. I think/hope Rubio is serving someone who is protective of Sookie. Of course he knows about Rick. Maybe he has sent his own son there for protection, too. Glad they had some time together. I wonder how long Eric can keep it from Freyda. Felipe will smell him on Sookie. Don’t know about Bill. I suspect he has looked for her. Great chapter.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Rubio and why the children are in Chester will get cleared up soon. As for where his loyalties lie? Time will tell.
      Oh that Bill! Turning up like a bad penny and Sookie not being nearly as worried about him as she should be. Always ready to make an excuse for him!


  6. Wow seems like Felipe is a major sneaky bastard 🙂 Even though Sookies outfits are distractions for others he knew Eric would catch up to him sometime during the summit and his clothing choice for her was used to make Eric misunderstand their relationship along with his comment that Sookie sought him out. She choose him as the lesser of two evils but Eric does not know this. Bill Bill Bill — bitter and jealous as always I wonder now if he will find out where Sookie lives — if so maybe he will get killed before he can do some damage. I can see him finding out about Rick and then trying to do something to him because he is Eric’s. Freyda I think will benefit from more attention from Eric (due to his guilt). I love the way Ted the smarmy accountant gets told — first by Sookie when she informs him what she does for Felipe and the second time by Rubio when he thinks to get busy with Felipe’s soon to be ex-pet. Looking forward to more — the meeting with Desmond and then Sookie confessing to Fran about what happened. Oops hope she is not fertile again.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Felipe is pretty smart for a flamboyant showman. Could be some part of his telling Sookie it’s all a sham might be right. Or could be he’s pure Vegas and smart too. You have to figure he knew how to play the percentages. Total win/win for him. Would have been better if Freyda were there. Felipe could have used Eric’s reaction to drive wedges either way.
      Bill is a wild card in this. Sookie really forgot about him, but it’s clear Bill didn’t forget about her. Being in a vampire’s sites is rarely good, but Sookie doesn’t seem to remember that.
      As for Rick? He doesn’t seem to be the kind of kid who will be happy to sit around waiting for things long, but there are circumstances that will distract him enough to give Sookie a little breathing room. Like his father, he does seem to understand the importance of making deals.
      Eric is feeling pretty guilty, so good guessing. Look for him to try to make good on his resolutions.

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  7. WOW!!! What a chapter!!!

    First….Bill’s gonna be a problem, isn’t he?? He’s very creepy!! I hope that Rubio turns out to be a true and loyal friend to Sookie. I think she’s gonna need at least one vamp on her side.

    UGH….Felipe. You tried to warn me. Sadly, I would have fallen for his charms. He showed Sookie enough of a “true face” that she bought into it. He knew what he was doing…dressing her like that and joking around enough for her to let down her guard. It may have been partly to distract other vamps, but I can’t help but think it was mainly for Eric. Oh and then he told Eric that she sought him out because she needed money. He sure knows how to spin it!!

    And oh my….I did NOT expect Eric and Sookie to reconnect like that!! How bittersweet. Eric can lie to himself all he wants, but he won’t be able to forget her. I am happy that she professed her love to him. And he thinks she betrayed another man after seeing the marks left by her being pregnant!! If he only knew!! I’m worried what will happen when other vamps smell Eric in Sookie.

    I hope you have a wonderful tree decorating day. I hope to get my tree up today as well. 😊

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I thought the coup de grace was hinting that he’d be stepping in as the next object of Sookie’s affection. Real knife twister. Yeah, he knew what he was doing and although no guarantees, he played the percentages pretty well.
      Feeding from each other is, as we both know, a big deal. They will smell like each other and it will be detectable. Sookie may not appreciate the implications, but Eric does.

      Bill? Sookie always seems to underestimate him. Rubio has a better hold of Bill’s number than Sookie. She should listen!

      Hope you enjoy your decorating day too.

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  8. OK, I have to say this; Sookie is only 1/4 Fae and she was 27 when Eric left for Oklahoma & Freyda. Rick is now 12, making Sookie 39, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Sookie’s heart’s content, or the magic that created Rick was something that happens once in a lifetime. Yes, women do get pregnant at that age, but I don’t think it will happen with Sookie again. Two part-vampire children? Also, she now lives in a very small New England town where she’s much part of the community and they would find that unacceptable, even in this century. If Eric wouldn’t believe her about one child, I think he’d find it even more difficult to believe there were two! So, I highly doubt there will be another baby in Sookie’s future, but I could be wrong! She is Fae… Terrific chapter! Wonderful to have the two of them back together, no matter how short-lived!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you, as always! I did it (pregnant at 40). Great in many ways but comes with a whole list of downsides too. Since this Sookie is aging, I think it’s unlikely there will be any more Northmans in the future. Although, it is a charming thought.

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  9. Wow, what a chapter. There was much excitement . I still wonder about MR? c and now that Eric is coming to see him it has me wondering more. I really want Eric to learn about his son. What a switch of events, Sookie expressed her feelings and Eric did not. The second time caused me to get tears in my eyes. Sookie’s words the last time for me to remember for the rest of my life…a sob may have escaped . Eric denying his feelings , there sure will be an internal battle .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Eric is holding onto his honor. What else does he have? He bargained away his life for this, and now, he’s broken his word. Can’t sit easy. There are compromises people make with themselves to stay in different situations. They stay because there are children. They stay because it’s comfortable. They stay because they gave their word. Add to that a signed contract, and Eric is bound to be feeling conflicted. Does he love her? Oh, yes! Is every bit of his training and survival instinct telling him he’s wrong? Hell, yes!
      Not to mention, he has evidence to suggest that Sookie broke her word too and that it was a passionate booty call.
      She should have done more than express her feelings. She should have told him about Rick!!


  10. OMG….I wasn’t expecting they would have reconnected like that!
    It was such a bittersweet scene: two soul mates making love to each other forone last time.
    Now that Eric knows that Sookie is a mom when will he find out about Rick?
    What does he want to speak to Mr C. about? Maybe about Sookie’s relationship with Felipe?
    Does he really think that Sookie and Felipe are fooling around together?
    How is Sookie going hide Eric’s scent from the other vampires…..especially from Felipe?
    I really need more of this story!!!
    How can I bribe you for another chapter before Sunday?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sex has always been what these two do so well. It eliminates the need for words, when, for the most part, it was talking they needed!!
      There is something strong and pure in the idea that they feel they have one last chance, and they grab it. How many of us have wished for just such a chance? Knowing everything was against it, to have one more night with the one who makes you want more?
      And so, now there will be that morning after, and all the questions and plans that will need to be made if these two are to avoid disaster.


  11. WOW this chapter…. Giving me SO MANY FEELS!!!

    That passionate encounter was every E-S shipper’s dream… and yet… what a MESS!!! As if they didn’t have enough regrets, guilt etc. between the two… Somehow I don’t think this time the Fae magic is going to produce a baby bro/sis for Rick…

    You could see Eric sticking to his resolution to never see Sookie again, subject to his being successful of his ruse to muddle Sookie’s scent with donors, but then, in this story there is that wild card named Rick… Probably the one topic that Sookie should have broached… Even if just as a heads up because Rick is going to want to meet his father, as any child would, but then if he starts growing fangs or developing a thirst for blood…

    And of course, not sure if Sookie will be able to think straight enough to try and cover Eric’s smell… If Felipe gets wind of this tryst, he surely is going to milk it on all fronts possible… Freyda may be a lot less ‘miss nice gal’ if she feels Eric has betrayed her not just by the one night stand with Sookie but by not telling her (and possibly embarrass her in front of other monarchs… such as Felipe…).

    And as if things weren’t complicated enough, that Bill the rat Compton still around… Could we have him meet a sharp stake soon?

    On the chapter of hopes also, wouldn’t it be nice if Rubio was somehow on Sookie’s side? Perhaps sponsored by someone who’s got Sookie’s back? Hard to know who that’d be in this universe but Pam and perhaps Russell would be in my shortlist (the fae family is never in my shortlists, such f***ers)… On the other hand he may be part of Karin’s plan to keep Sookie away from Eric but under ‘surveillance’… Not so good but it may save Sookie’s ass nevertheless…

    I know Felipe has an agenda (or two) behind getting Sookie all dolled up but I hope she could just accept she’s a hottie (which makes her no less of a smart lady) and if people want to underestimate, it is at their peril…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is something to be said for having the brass to be able to accept your physical assets and use them to their fullest. If people are going to be stupid because you’re willing to flash a little something, it’s on them! Sookie is there. She knows what Felipe is doing on that front, and although she feels dishonest about it, she goes along. She even laughs about it later, and if Felipe weren’t also willing to use her to torture Eric, all probably would have been fine. It was being caught out by her former lover that pressed her shame button, but even then, when he called her on it, she rose to the occasion and read him the riot act.
      Now, there is the aftermath. They fed from each other, so there’s blood scent. This can go wrong so many ways. What wife would be okay with this? Not Freyda! And even if she doesn’t smell if for herself, if they’re caught by anyone at the Summit, you can bet the gossip will find its way back. They better do some quick thinking, and with the way Sookie is blissed out, it will have to be Eric who ‘rescues’ them both.

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  12. I had to read this twice; I couldn’t believe the explosive impact of those two in that hallway. All defenses were down; every last one. This is as it should be. but alas, no pillow talk, no revelations on the pair of either Sookie or Eric.

    I know that Sookie wants this last encounter to last her remaining lifetime. Eric vows he won’t ever see her again. While Freyda is not his love, she is his companion for now. But a woman knows when a man has his mind on someone else; and she’s known this about Eric for a long time. He’s going to come back changed from this Summit. She’ll pick that up easily. Now…what is she to do? Hang on to him for dear life and become a shrew and alienating him further? No….if she were honest with the both of them she would release him form being consort, but keep him as a trusted advisor. Once Fredya finds out about Rick…well….how will you keep the Viking from his child? Best to be the bigger woman in this relationship and let go….but I know that Vamps are very possessive….

    And Felips –how will he make their lives a living hell? Hopefully there are still allies that will protect/support Eric and Sookie. Looks like she’s on Vampires’ shit lists –why is that? Her working for Felipe? Allies of Eric? Hmmmm……..

    Great update! So sad you’re gong to make us wait until next week to see another chapter —-unless….we get am early Christmas gift? 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. it would need to be one heck of a distraction to get Freyda not to be suspicious. I agree. Even with them not being in love, or even pretending, Freyda would sense a change in him and she would ask questions.
      Eric has to know the risks, and so he will do what he much, including lying to himself about being able to stay away from her forever. He has his pride, his honor and his reputation as a vampire who keeps his word – which makes him a vampire who can be trusted. This could shoot all that to hell.


  13. Thank you so much for the extra chapter! I think everybody has covered everything the comments already, but I really hope Sookie calls Fran before the vamps wake up. She needs to be reminded that a blood exchange is a BIG DEAL! Although maybe that’s what Eric is calling Mr. C about. I hope it can be covered up somehow.
    Can’t wait to see how all this progresses. Amazing chapter!

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  14. I love your story !!! I loved this chapter, Sookie and Eric together are always super hot. But I understand how she must have been upset and feeling humiliated by the clothes Felipe made her wear .She had not liked the idea before, but when Eric talked to her that way, it must have been the worst feeling.
    Now I think she must have been a little afraid of Bill, she knows him, knows she can not trust him.
    I was thinking as I read this chapter, Sookie must be 39, or so, will she become a vampire to be able to stay with Eric or because she is part fairy does not age normally?
    And about Ricky, he should think about his mother a little when he goes to his father, because the moment the other vampires know she has a child with Eric, she’s going to be in danger, because everyone must want to have a legitimate child of them with her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sookie is pushing forty at this point. She has blossomed, as so many women do at this age – becoming more in many ways.
      The clothes are an interesting point. Sookie wasn’t all that embarrassed to wear them in the first place. She felt dishonest about it, but she also understood what they were about, and she played along. She even goes so far as to accompany Felipe into the bar afterwards, where she knows people will see her. She is feeling pretty good about the ‘fast’ one they’ve pulled, but that changes when she sees herself through Eric’s eyes. She is embarrassed then, but he makes a mistake. He starts to shame her with his words, and in typical Sookie fashion, she stands up and gives him a piece of her mind. She calls him out on sexual favors in his relationship and denies it for her own arrangement, and she stalks out, head high.
      Of course, some part of that is bravado fueled by alcohol, and the adrenaline leaves quickly, but she makes clear she’s no one’s fool, and Eric is reminded of all the reasons he loved her in the first place.

      Liked by 2 people

  15. Omg that was so perfectly done. I really didn’t expect them to fall into bed like that, but it is Sookie and Eric and they never had any problems between the sheets. My heart broke for Sookie when she begged Eric to stay awhile longer and I’m really glad she told him she loved him. And good for her for biting him! lol I think in the books whenever they exchanged blood it was always with a healthy dose of regret and bitterness on her part. I only wish that they had gotten a chance to really talk. Hopefully it won’t be another 10 years until they see each other again!
    I get why Eric needs to try and move on and put Sookie in the past. He has just under 200 years left with Freyda and he needs to make the best of it. I just hope he can’t shake Sookie that easily, something tells me he won’t! Can’t wait until next Sunday!!

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    1. I remember a passage in the book. Eric has come to her house. Felipe is in power and their times together have been few and far between. He tells her he has made things better and he uses words that suggest he wants to normalize their relationship into something more. She resists his words calling them married, but they make love anyway. He asks her to bite him, and she questions it. She isn’t hurt so she doesn’t need vampire blood, and he explains he wants her to bite him because it gives him pleasure, just for that. When she does, he holds her close, telling her how perfect she is and that she is the best he has ever had. She doesn’t believe him – but maybe, she should have.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Well that was not the reaction I expected. I knew Eric would assume the worst about her relationship with Felipe, but I never thought they’d end up in bed together. Good for Sookie!! Now there has to be a way to cover it up so no one finds out.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. This was a wonderful and sad chapter, Eric and Sookie together once more. Now will this encounter make Sookie pregnant again. How will Eric and Mr C. be able to hide Eric scent inside of Sookie? How will Philipe react? Bill just ewwwww, you know he is going to cause problems. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Bill’s appearance is not random. Sookie should pay more attention to his instincts about him.
      So, now they have to figure out how to sneak out without anyone being the wiser!


  18. Ditto to all the above.
    They are great at communicating with interpretive movement, but the whole ” I’m your baby mama” is gonna need actual words. I am very much looking forward to Felipe catching a whiff of her interpretive dance movements. His ego will take a hit that she won’t dance with him, and his curiosity about whether or not she has someone at home is going to be even more inflamed now. I doubt he expected her to react that way to Eric.
    I hope this puts a jig in her step, anyway. 10 years!! Sheesh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ten years is way too long! But, then again, she has been busy…
      All things considered, it would be better if no one caught a whiff of her, or him! It may be more than ego that ends up damaged. Think of the possibilities of selling the secret in exchange for favors? Blackmail is another possibility.
      If one accepts that the contract is meaningful, and that married monarchs would not share blood, it all suggests that these two really screwed up.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. I think that Felipe was hoping for something to happen between Eric and Sookie. He wants an alliance between OK. and NV. He may think to leverage this info with Eric to get an in with Freyda. I can only hope that Eric and Sookie realize that the blood exchange needs to be masked in order to protect them both. Hopefully Fran and Mr. C. will be able to come up with something. Will Sookie become pregnant again? It could go either way. Sookie still is in love with Eric and he with her so it could happen. Timing would have to be just perfect and the odds are slim for that to happen. Will Sookie be worried? I hope she is really worried for a while. She needs to be more careful in the future. Yeah Eric can say that he felt rejected by Sookie breaking the bond but he never really explained what the bond was. Never explained how the bond and pledge protected her. I know she did not want to know too much about vamp business. But I think Eric liked keeping things simple between him and Sookie. Just come see her every 2 or 3 months and get a bootie call and then leave. Why would she feel married to him. I would not have. Now I love me some Eric and I know that he was not alone in this relationship. He is not the bad guy but he did a lot that lead to the problems between the two of them. Sookie should have stepped up and asked to be informed about the supe world and their relationship. She should not have broken the bond without talking to Eric. During that time Eric was staying away. He did not want De Castro to know how much Sookie meant to him. I think he showed that by staying away. Any other vamp would have got his feed and fuck on. Would Felipe have been able to force the marriage between Eric and Freyda if they were still bonded? I know that Eric is getting along with Freyda now but she is still the reason that Eric had to leave Sookie. His wife. I would not want Eric to be miserable for the last 12 years. I just do not want him to paint Freyda as a hero. She is not. She is a ruthless Vampire Queen who did anything to get what she wanted. She wanted Eric to be the perfect Viking Vampire couple. She envied what Sookie had. So she took it by hook or by crook. You have one hell of a story.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Sookie may not get it, but Eric does! If Felipe gets wind of them, it’s blackmail at best – damage at worst. Of course he would try to use this to cement his relationship with Freyda. He wanted her at the Summit to begin with. He doesn’t know (yet) what happened between them, but this would be like a dream come true for De Castro.
      One thing these two are terrible at? Talking! Explain the bond? Confess true feelings? Talk about work problems? Talk about anything substantive? Nope! They are pretty pathetic in that regard! The one time they do talk and collaborate, it’s to kill Victor Madden, and Sookie comes down with a major case of buyer’s remorse. Does she explain that to Eric? Nope! She just tries to make him feel crappy about becoming free…. and it was her crazy idea!
      Does Felipe know about the depth of feelings between these two? He’s a pretty good read of people, so I’d say, yes – even if they fail to admit it to themselves.
      Freyda may be pleasant in this story, and willing to give a lot, but don’t look for her to forgive something like this. She was prepared to kill Sookie when she met her. She isn’t that different!

      Liked by 3 people

  20. Their bittersweet reunion is filled with so much love and ultimately emotional pain. Eric accepts that he loves her, but will walk away to fulfill his obligation to Freyda. And you have written a Freyda who is not unlikeable or a villain, quite a change from other stories.
    I wonder if this night of passion will result in another child for them? And how will Felipe use the knowledge of their time together? Of course he will be able to detect Eric’s scent on her..
    Can’t wait to see where this is going..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If Felipe catches them, they will both be in trouble.
      So, they will need to be smart about things, and find ways to minimize the risk. But that’s the next chapter!!
      Thanks and hope all is well


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