All Good Things…

And so, the fairy tale comes to an end. Like all fairy tales, there is the promise of happily ever after, but with the hint that the story is not truly over. Of course, for those of us who love the fandom, we know that;s the case. The story of this couple and their unlikely love is one that plays out endlessly. They are confronted with every reason they shouldn’t work; they come from different places, different times. They are different creatures, their families take issue with their being together, and yet, despite everything that says they shouldn’t work, they do. The demands of the heart win and this combination of everything wrong becomes something wonderfully right

I wish you similar happiness in your lives, and I hope you enjoy the next few weeks.

I’ll be on hiatus, working on my next story, Full Circle. I will also be taking my annual trip, this time back to Ireland. I leave on May 15th so training is kicking into high gear. About a hundred miles around the Ring of Kerry, and you better believe I’ll be keeping a close eye on every B&B I pass along the way.

Thank you, Ms Buffy, for all your work on this story. If there’s a happy ending for me, it’s knowing our collaboration will continue into Full Circle.

Thank you, Gyllene/Harlow Layne for your enchanted banner art, and hoping you are another giant step closer to seeing your new pen name in lights.

Happy turning of seasons, my readers. I hope, whether it’s Spring or Fall that’s beckoning, your days are blessed.

Chapter 55 – All Good Things



Ticking down the minutes…

Sorry, no pithy words today. I’ve been binge-watching Versailles, and my mind is a twist of politics and sibling rivalry. Good fodder for the next story, Full Circle, which I’ll start pushing in April.

With the clocks working against me, I must hurry along. There’s the painting downstairs to finish (ceilings and walls), the groceries to buy and Szechuan bean curd to make for the week ahead.

My best to all of you. Only two more chapters after this one! Stay well (especially you, Ms Buffy! Wear a mask to that kid hive!)

Chapter 53 – By Any Other Name

Lovely banner art for Full Circle. Thanks again, Gyllene/Harlow!


So few chapters left. This will run to Chapter 55… maybe an epilogue if it gets too long, and I will miss this version. I head back to Ireland in May to hike the Kerry Circle. Longer than the Dingle Way, and more hilly, but I know what I’m facing and feel better prepared… which is a two-edged sword.

There is something about not knowing how you’ll get around a new place that makes the heart pound happy. Every day is some sort of logistical puzzle. Will there be a place to stay or will you be rough camping? What is available for food? What will the weather hold? Is the way well-marked or will you spend a mile (or two) wandering along a wrong path?

With the distance of this walk, I figured I’d reduce the uncertainty by having the lodging/eating part handled. All I have to do each day is get up, get my legs working, and map & compass to the next point. As long as I get there – victory! So, I should have more leisure to enjoy the landscape, which promises to be outstanding.

I’ve never seen green like I’ve seen in Ireland. It’s a cliché, and yet, its real. I hope to find a moment to join those other moments I’ve saved from other places and other times. The clear blue water off the coast of Brittany. The bluffs that look west from Mabou. The unexpected pond in the woods in Massachusetts, surrounded by maples. The sound of my lover’s fiddle as he practices downstairs. The hills, rolling one behind the other until they end in one that is impossibly taller than the rest and looking for all the world like a Hollywood movie set. The sound of sand as it flows over the dunes south of Ouarzazate. Lying in a tent at night in February, listening to snow fall through bare branches.

Impossibly perfect moments.

My thanks to Ms Buffy, for her amazing support and perfect pitch in editing my work.

My best wishes and fond hopes to Harlow Layne, the maker of beautiful art, both visual and written.

And my best to you. May you find your perfect moments.

 Chapter 52 – Best Foot Forward

What’s Next?

Hard to believe that Baile Siochanta is winding down to its end. I received a notification letting me know that this particular story has been underway for almost a year, and it surprised me. I have become very fond of this version of the vampire and his lady, but I am excited to announce there’s a new story around the corner.

The amazing Harlow Layne (aka Gyllene) has graciously gifted me with her talent and vision, and I’m happy to unveil the banner for my next tale, ‘Full Circle,’

Full Circle is a sequel to Turnings.  The story picks two years after Fran’s death. The passing of their dear friend and mentor has an impact on both Rick and Sookie. For Sookie, it removes the final safety net she had between her human and vampire lives. For Rick, it triggers a need to break with the growing demands of being the famous son of famous people.

Full Circle discovers how in the end, simple things are the most important.

Don’t worry.  Still a few chapters of Baile Siochanta to go!

Have a great week.


When all hope is lost…

There is a phrase in ‘Persuasion, my favorite of Jane Austen’s novels, in which the heroine, tells her friend that the she considers it a woman’s gift to love longest, when all hope is lost. That phrase has played through my mind as I’ve written this modern-day fairy tale. Like Grimm’s Rapunzel and Swan Princess, Sookie has held out hope. She asks each stranger and those who pass through her life, ‘Have you seen him?’ ‘Do you know the way back?’

As Baile Siochanta winds to its conclusion, it is hope that write of, the hope that lovers fated can realize their happy endings.

Thank you, Ms Buffy! I am so pleased that you have found the love of your life and that you have such happiness together.

To Gyllene/Harlow Lane, all my best!

Chapter 51 – Paradise Lost

And They Shall See…

We had a flash snowstorm that dropped several inches overnight. It’s that slightly damp, fluffy snow that makes you wonder if Spring has decided to take a look around. The branches of the forest trees on the other side of my sliding doors are just starting to shed their snowy layer as the pinks and golds of sunrise clothe their upper branches. It is a time of holding wonder.

Did you know that snow falling through bare branches makes a sound? It’s soft and papery. I hear it best at night when tent camping. The world is cold, and there’s a moment when the air around you seems to turn to ice, and then, the snow starts. Snow can’t fall when it’s too cold, and I have often imagined that until the moment snow makes it’s appearance, the air is actually colder. Then, it snows, and everything warms just a bit. The wind stills and you hear it, the sound of millions of ice crystals stroking past the bark of the trees overhead.

People ask why I love winter. It’s for moments like these.

Thank you, Ms Buffy, for gifting me with your time, advice and friendship. Thank you, Gyllene/Harlow Layne, for lending me the beauty of your artistry.

Thank you, my readers, for walking with me through fairy tales, both old and new.

Chapter 50 – And They Shall See