Chapter 33 – Night Dawns

I am returning from a weekend of tramping in woods. I’ve become mildly addicted to my Fitbit, reveling as I logged in my miles over the past two days. Tramping around Boy Scout camp is a joy for me. I enjoy the time outside, the solitude and then, the happy faces of young people and their parents as they experience the simple joys of tasks accomplished, campfires and friendship.

My travels are simple for the rest of this year. Scotland in late November (a drinking holiday), but then, there is the Kerry Circle in May. That’s reason for training. 126 miles of up and down; lakes and seaside.

What a wonderful life this is!

Chapter 33 – Night Dawns



Marriages, both Fae and Not…


One of the joys of writing these stories is the opportunity to explore marriage. In this story, I get to write about traditions, but I also get to explore the mental discussion one has when the wedding is not your first. It’s inevitable, the comparisons, either quickly dismissed or painfully examined. In this instance, it is a vampire who is cast in role of ‘second time around.’ He has been married, or pledged, once as vampire, but he married as a human before, and the memories begin to crowd him.

It takes a certain kind of courage to know what can go wrong, but to bravely step forward again. I watch women my age, several of them in fact, launching into new marriages. Each of them has the scars and power that come from surviving, and yet, they are willing to forget and forgive, tying their lives with legal bonds, to the fate of another. I applaud their optimism.

Eric’s reaction, as we’ll see, won’t be quite so rosy, but it will lead to a crisis that allows him to become the man he should be.

My best to all of you, and especially to my wonderful, talented editor, Ms Buffy. Meeting you last week was a special treat, and one I hope to repeat. Safe travels on your migration to Maine.

Chapter 32 – The Treadle Step

Best of mornings, and Happy Fall

It’s a beautiful day here in sunny Connecticut. The leaves are just starting to gain their pretty dresses. Not the case yesterday when I was up in Kent, trying to get some of my trail maintenance done. It was forecast as cloudy, and pouring rain! I love the change of seasons. This time of year is a time of making for me. Mead, new recipes, long hikes. It has slowed my indoor time, though, and I realize I need to beat feet to get a few more chapters in the bank if I’m going to keep to the schedule!!

I hope you are all well, and I hope you enjoy the America arc of the story.

Chapter 31 – Greener Grass

Settling in…

It was a good mead day, yesterday. Fall has come, and that means fresh apple cider has hit the farm stands. Here in New England, there are two kinds of farm stands; the ones where the family is involved, running things in the spirit of Yankee ingenuity, and those where it’s all about profit. I’ll grant you, there are places that find a balance, but sometimes, our reputation for cute kitsch gets the best of us. In my hunt for new partnerships in this new place I’m living, I’ve found both.

New Englanders can find ourselves charging outrageous amounts of money for items purchased across town, or worse yet, over the Internet, but displaying them as if they were hand-made. We put them out for the leaf-peepers who flock here from New Jersey and New York. It’s our own version of tourist season, and it makes us greedy.

I still haven’t found that partnership that will allow me to barter. I’ll have to wait until winter when easy sales end and dollar fever has dampened. I still managed to secure twelve gallons of cider, though, and now have three barrels, bubbling away.

As for the house… progress. An idea of  where it started… with me pulling old carpet, and the same room today. 







Hope you enjoy today’s chapter. Like myself, Eric and Sookie are settling, but like so many of us in our relationships, what shows on the surface may not be the whole story.

Chapter 30 – And Far Away


Apologies… Real Life

I am late in publishing today and I apologize. You see, there was this hundred square feet of black slate…

It started with the on-line tag sale. I didn’t mean to look, but the next thing I knew I was drawn in by it’s glossy surface and it’s amazing price. The man selling it had over-ordered. He’d used it in his kitchen and his hall, and still had 100 square feet left; just enough to do my front hall which is, rather inexplicably, half tile and half twenty-year old, cat-gacked carpet. I swear. When it rains, you’d swear that Olive and Eric, the cats of this condo’s prior owner, are still here, puking up their kills and scratching up the window ledges. (It’s in the nose…)

Anyway. so, I was all set to go, when my sons, who moved in together last month and have managed not to kill each other announced that they really needed a new sofa and loveseat. (It’s true. The prior set in my father-in-law’s house, where they’ve taken up residence, were so ratty, even the dumpster turned it away.).

“Look what we found,” their story started, as they proudly showed me a couch and loveseat set across town on the on-line tag sale site that I was smart enough (stupid enough) to introduce to them. So, at seven o’clock this morning, we presented ourselves at the U-Haul in their town – not my town.

And promptly fell into a session worthy of the Keystone Kops. Our contact’s husband’s truck broke down so he couldn’t meet us, then she couldn’t get out of work. We decided to give it up (at which time I drove many miles in the opposite direction to collect my slate which I stacked, fifty pound box by fifty pound box in my garage), only to have her text us. They could rent their own truck and bring the sofa and loveseat to us.

Did I mention that the couch and loveseat had to have recliners? Four… not one, not two. Four friggin’ recliners, making the pieces weigh about as much as a baby elephant apiece.

Anyway… my apologies. I’m posting, then taking a hot shower, washing down some Advil with a couple glasses of home-made mead and watching the latest episode of Outlander.

Thank you, Ms Buffy! Your editing is amazing, as always, and thank you to all my readers. Sorry!

Chapter 29 – The Rain Must Fall

A page turns…

In any relationship, there are a series of choices, particularly at the beginning, that set the track that relationship will follow. This chapter explores some of those decisions.

What if…

What if Eric decided not to answer Sookie’s questions? What if she’d never asked the questions she did? What if he didn’t invite her into his chamber? What if she took offense at his behavior and her heart hardened?

My mother often told me that life is what you make it. I didn’t understand, but now I do. It’s how you choose to look at life that determines what comes next. If your cup is half-empty, looking for dishonesty and spoiling for a fight, it’s what life will bring you. But if you believe that those around you come with good intent, you may find that happiness follows.

My thoughts to all my friends in the southern part of the United States.

Ms Buffy, I’ll write you later today. Hope this finds you well.

Chapter 28- Mrs. Northman