With Hand Over Heart…

My hardest challenge is patience. I can see, sometimes too clearly, that object I desire. It may be a project, or a thing. It can be a relationship with a person, or just finding out the end of a book you’ve been reading for a while. My instinct is to charge ahead, declaring my desires, not noticing the signposts or signals along the way.

When fellow hikers tell me they are ‘peak baggers’ or ‘trail runners,’ I am reminded of this failing in myself. What is the point of the journey, if you are too focused on the end? Do they have that moment when they realize that in the struggle to win the prize, they missed the beauty of the trail?

This is something I have come to with age, this realization that the victory found at the end is far sweeter if every moment along the way is savored. That is not to say that those moments, even most of those moments, are sweet. In truth, I find that shortly after starting, the stages of the journey are more often filled with frustration. ‘Why am I doing this?’ is a question I frequently find myself asking. When hiking a stretch of ascending trail, where the grade is slow, but unavoidably up, my question may transform into, ‘Who’s stupid idea was this, anyway?’

But then, there are moments: a slow smile, a bird’s song, a vista that opens with such beauty that your mouth falls open and your breath stops. These moments remind you that life is not the goal; it is the journey made up of small discoveries woven together with determination, each one building on the next, until you arrive.

As a reminder, I leave for Scotland in three days. I will resume posting upon my return.

Chapter 39 – Hand Over Heart



Pulling Weight…

There is a rare strength that is gained when two people decide to truly share their lives. It doesn’t matter what life brings, or what calamities either of these two people bring through their actions: the power of together is more than enough to weather any storm.

It is the purpose behind the name of the chapter.

There are events that can happen that make you feel exhausted. You rise, unable to escape the great weight that hangs over you. Every step is an effort. It is an act of will to present a smile, pretending to the outside world that all is well. You wonder how these things happen and you hope that the situation will resolve, leaving you in clear waters soon.

But, when you have someone beside you, someone who shares your life in that most intimate of relationships, the weight you pull becomes lighter. That person ‘pulls weight’ and the hope you grasp at when you are alone, seems handed to you, a gift that comes only through sharing.

So it is for our couple. The sands shift under their feet, and although they don’t yet realize it, they have found strength in each other.

I wish this most wonderful of experiences to all of you. I thank you, Ms Buffy, for your time and your patience with me.

Countdown to Edinburgh – 10 days….

Chapter 38 – Pulling Weight

Scotland bound….

Crows Come Home signals the next part of the story. Our couple is pledged, and though they fight, as newly-joined couples do, they have passed to the place where they no longer question being tied to each other. That doesn’t mean others are as accepting.

Fair notice – I leave for a holiday in Scotland in eighteen days, so the story will go on hiatus for a week or two. Unlike my walking holidays, this one is being called, “kilts and scotch, what could go wrong?’ I give no promises about the state of my brain cells on my return.

Thank you to all my readers, and thank you in particular to my wonderful editor and friend, Ms. Buffy.

Chapter 37 – Crows Come Home

Thank you, STARS Library…





Thank you to the Admins at STARS Library for naming Baile Siochanta a featured story for the week of November 6 – November 19, and congratulations to my fellow writers!

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Finding calm waters…

There is something to the surrender to love that haunts a person. I remember with perfect clarity the day I looked at my soulmate and knew that I loved him. It was the most frightening and yet, at the same time, most peaceful moment. I knew things wouldn’t be easy. I knew I would have to give more than I thought possible. I knew I would have to trust to make it work.

In the end, it was the last where I failed.

It takes courage to walk forward. The idea that two people can live as one is so improbable. Everything works against it. There are the different realities that were your childhoods and your families. There are the different interests and perceptions that can spark arguments. There are also the ideals and the shared views of the world that weave you together in a way that leaves you gasping with surprise. In all the world, how did you find this one, who, although imperfect, like yourself, still fits with you so well?

It is this miracle that fuels the chapter today. Everything conspires against them, and yet, in all the world, they have found each other.

Happy Fall to all my readers, and to Ms Buffy – my gratitude and thanks.

Chapter 36 – Wings