So, What’s Happening?

March has been a month of frenzied activity and unexpected challenges. ‘In like a lion. ,’ says the old saying, and the types of challenges have mirrored the unexpected weather in my life.

Some challenges were unexpected. I will be moving to a new home in August. I have been renting for the past three years, gathering my new post-divorce life around me and stitching together a new story for myself. I needed the freedom of movement and possibilities, but I have come to a place where the idea of buying is better.

Work has shifted with leadership changes to present new challenges. My brain is being asked to re-engage and I couldn’t be more pleased. New puzzles, new problems and new solutions, all with impossible deadlines and adrenaline-fueled travel. I feel alive again in my job in spite of the inevitable exhaustion that comes with these types of projects.

All of this playing out against a backdrop of the new life I’ve created; the friends I’ve made and the activities that are mine. I make mead. I play music. I hike. I write.

Starting next Sunday, Baile Siochanta will begin its journey. Sookie returns, this time as a young woman caring for her ailing Mother. She has lost her Father and, although she knows he was different somehow, she doesn’t understand what that difference means.

A trip with friends to an island in Boston Harbor triggers the events that will bring the Fae, who have been searching for her to the U.S, into her life. It will be their interference that will cause Sookie to move to Ireland, where things are not as they appear.

I am fascinated by tales of the Fae. I will explore the two competing Courts of the Sidhe and introduce the idea that vampires, as well as all supernatural beings, are members of the greater Fae race.

The beautiful banner was a gift by my long-time collaborator, Gyllene, and I am thrilled that Ms Buffy will remain with me as my faithful editor and chief ‘kicker in the ass’ for this story.

I hope you enjoy it. Until next Sunday…


Epilogue – Turnings


Thank you everyone who has come along on this particular journey with the family Northman. I have already received messages, most kind, some not, unhappy that the story is ending. I consider that high praise, and I thank you for it. That you have become so engaged with a character that you want to turn another page is something to which every writer aspires. Much better than having you throw down the book in disgust, wondering why I did such terrible things to my characters (although you may do that from time to time too. I tend not to pull punches or pretty up the grittier side of vampire culture).

I thank you for reading, and I thank everyone who left comments and suggestions. I read every one.

Thank you especially to Ms Buffy, my wonderful editor and friend, and thank you to Gyllene, who’s artwork becomes the face of my work.

What’s next? A short hiatus while I rewrite (again, apologies, Ms Buffy) Baille Siochanta.

Synopsis: It’s a story that centers on the Fae. They’ve mainstreamed in their own way, but that doesn’t mean that rivalries between the kingdoms have been resolved. Old feuds gain new energy when Niall’s semi-human family is found and plots for revenge are made. Sookie travels to a new country where things are not as they appear, but will she find a home?

Best of weeks ~


Epilogue – Turnings